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House Finishing Contractors

Interior Construction and House Finishing Services :

Orathens Decor Limited is a Uganda based interior design and house finishing company with more than ten years of construction experience in the Construction industry in Uganda, specialising in the gypsum construction sector.

Orathens Decor Limited is committed to providing creative gypsum building solutions that set new standards for productivity and efficiency, helping contractors and architects deliver high quality and innovative designs.

Visit our showroom in Kampala Industrial Area for inquiries, quotations and solutions below:

Providing design and architectural services for commercial, industrial and residential purposes, our vast array of products for the construction and remodeling industries includes furnishing advisory, hotel furnishing, office furnishing, home transformation, furniture refurbishment, interior and exterior decor, landscaping using quality gypsum works, metal works, aluminium material and elevator services from one roof.

Interior Construction and House Finishing Services :

Gypsum Board Works (Ceiling and Walls) for commercial, residential, recreation and industrial projects

Gypsum Mould Works ( Cornices, Columns, Pillars, Centre Designs)

Interior & Exterior Decorative Painting

Metal Works (Staircase, Balconies, Security Doors, Gates, Wall Fence

Aluminium Works – Aluminium construction projects and materials

Elevators  and lifts – floor, handles and ceiling cuttings

Reception Furniture (Counters)

Furniture for cafes, bars and hotels